Doom Bog
Level 60-75
Z5 doom bog load
Central hub Brigand's Keep

Overview Edit

To the west of the river that cuts through the continent is the Doom Bog. It is a vast swamp, and few living humans remain there. Most of those who dwell there stay within the walls of Brigand's Keep.
The Doom Bog's Outer Marsh is filled with monsters and other horrors. The Inner Marsh is even more dangerous, filled with vengeful spirits. The constant rain keeps the entire area damp and cheerless.

Map and subregionsEdit

Z5-doom bog

Doom Bog map

Blackwater GulchHeaven's RepositoryWasted RuinsInner Marsh
Peachblossom ValleyOuter MarshVile HillKeep Outskirts
Brigand's KeepLongevity Hall RuinsDemon Mound

Connecting Zones Edit

Zone Level Direction
Skysong 30-45 East
Wildlands 75-90 North

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