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About Jade Dynasty

Battle for the secrets of immortality in a free-to-play martial arts fantasy MMORPG, and devastate your enemies with beautifully-animated skills!

In Jade Dynasty, you'll achieve enlightenment as one of fourteen factions spread across three races, each with their own understanding of enlightenment and ultimate power. Dominate the PvP scene with a deep and complex system of powers and upgrades, rewarding careful planning.

The wisest adventurers can discover the power of immortality, if they're willing to seize it. Download and play free today!

Jade Dynasty News

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Jade Dynasty News

Jade Dynasty Features

  • Esper Invigoration - Take the frustration out of grinding with Espers, allowing you to automatically kill monsters
  • Aggressive PvP - Destroy your enemies in massive guild-based PvP, or dominate fast-paced 6v6 battlegrounds
  • Battle Pets - Tame and upgrade a variety of pets, building them into powerful allies
  • Deep Customization - Carefully plan your power choice, and use tome skills to give powers bonus effects
  • Currency Exchange - Trade in-game gold with other players for Jaden and premium items
  • Epic Instances - Challenge 12 major PvE instances, ranging from solo to 25-man confrontations
  • Ascension System - Reincarnate after reaching the level cap, unlocking elite powers and allowing you to re-choose your class
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